We collaborate to deliver inspiring and useful applications for your customers.

How do we do that?

We become one with your business and mission.

We strive to learn about your product and market, and the technical challenge you face. We will look to become subject matter experts, and enthusiasts. If we, as a team of designers and developers, know what we're collectively after, then we can refine our solutions more efficiently for you. This gives us more time to delight and inspire your users.

Our Process



During the early part of your project we learn as much as we can about your challenge in detail. During this phase we will talk about your market segment, your progress to now, and your long term plans.



As we begin to see the bigger picture, we start designing, prototyping and testing a real interface with users to garner more accurate and useful feedback. During this phase we iterate often and sometimes even pivot.



Finally, once we've settled on a primary design direction, we begin building, testing, and iterating. For many, this is the moment they see their project come to life; all those diligent steps along the way paying off.


Once we've delivered, the job doesn't stop there. You hired us to help you succeed, so you'll need to measure your efforts to achieve that success. We will be tracking your product's performance from the design phase to market release and onward for growth and scaling.

And as you do progress, there will be adjustments that need to be made along the way. That's where our relationship continues to pay off as we help keep you on the path to success. By using a common process and industry-standard tool set within Papyrux, we can ensure that our team's dynamic over time will only enhance the success of your business and allow you to augment your longer term vision as you see fit. 

In short, we create supportable and scalable technical solutions for your software applications.

Software Design Projects

The following selection of software design projects are meant merely as a cursory view into the experience and expertise we offer at Papyrux. We have extensive experience designing applications for retail, restaurant, finance, manufacturing, safety, health, communication, and automation. If your puzzle is multi-faceted and overwhelming, then let us come in and help you structure the work towards a usable, salable and deliverable product.



Scott Safety Asset Tracking System (ATS) for firefighters and emergency response personnel.

DutchyPay™ restaurant split-bill experience for servers and diners.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Point of Sale Software, and how retail is just getting started.

Who else we've designed for